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For the first program, October 23, 1962, Hal Holbrook presented A Night with Mark Twain in the Kennett High School. Hadley has also brought entertainers such as Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn: speakers such as Martin Luther King, Linus Pauling, Julius Erving, and Gloria Steinem: Musicians such as Curtis Institute students, Marian Anderson, and Andres Segovia: politicians such as Edmund Muskie, William Proxmire and Shirley Chisholm: and authors such as John Ciardi, Norman Cousins, T.H. White, Art Buchwald, and Ogden Nash. One author spoke on trying to write a book on his family history; a few years later that speaker, Alex Haley, published that book Roots. Hadley seasons have also included lecturers Donald Johanson, paleoanthropologist, Jean Kilbourne, pioneer on advertising and image, James Farmer, civil rights leader, Elliot Engel, on literary figures, Richard Lederer, author, Sylvia Earle, oceanographer, John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil of the Negro Baseball League, Harry Wu, human rights campaigner, and Eric Raymond on the Internet.

Recent Hadley seasons have included lecturers Stephen Kress on Puffins, Jerrold Post on terrorism, Linda Ries on photography, Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele on Health policies, Douglas Tallamy on gardens and insects, Eugene Richardson a Tuskegee Airman, Dennis vanEngelsdorp on bees, Paul Waldau on law and animals, and David Lampton on China. Musical programs have included Hanchien Lee, Piffero, Finest Kind, Melomanie, CoroAllegro from Delaware, A Capella Pops, Copeland String Quartet, Curtis students, the Choral Scholars from Delaware, Libana, Carl Cornwell's Unit Circle Jazz Concert, and Gamelan Lake of the Silver Bear. Performnces have included Mum Puppettheatre, actor Greg Alan-Williams, Curio Theatre, the DK BMX Bike Stunt Show, storyteller Willy Claflin, Wheatfield Theater, Concert Operetta Theater, and Cleveland Signstage Theater's production of Matilda.


Everyone is welcome at Hadley Memorial Fund programs. Please respect others in the audience, the lecturers, and the performers. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Video and sound recording are not permitted except with advance permission of the lecturer or performer. The Hadley Memorial Fund encourages residents to submit program suggestions. To receive a complete program each fall for the following season, send a self addressed stamped envelope to the address below.

Announcements, including postponements, are available by calling 610-444-1855.

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