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6 styling mistakes that harm your health

Our stylistic choices – γυναικεία ρούχα – are determined by many factors. Fashion, trends, personal taste, etc. However, great importance must also be given to comfort and practicality. Many times we sacrifice the last two on the altar of aesthetics. Nevertheless, we must at least take care to avoid stylistic mistakes that harm our health by following simple tips.

You wear very tight clothes

Tight and fitted clothes may be sexy and flattering, but there is a limit to how tight they should be.

For example, the skinny jeans we love so much can cause problems with blood circulation, muscles, digestive system and create swelling. The same goes for very tight shirts.

Apart from the unsightly part of the gaps between the buttons that expose our body, they can cause breathing problems.

You don’t pay attention to the material of your underwear

Underwear is an essential part of our clothing. Lace and satin may look better and synthetic materials may be cheaper, but the priority should be different.

We should choose cotton underwear in our daily life or at least for most of the day. Synthetic materials do not absorb moisture well, trapping it, increasing the chances of an infection or even fungus.

Especially now in the summer when the heat factor is even more intense, we have to be doubly careful. Of course, in this case too, it is true that very tight underwear does not favor the proper functioning of the body.

Wrong choice of bra

Every woman has a different body and, consequently, different needs. For example, choosing a bra should be based on your breast size and not just on the designs you like. Women with large breasts need a lot of support.

For this reason, it is good to prefer a full cup bra. If you don’t choose the right bra, you are likely to face back and neck pain.

Also, another thing to pay attention to in the bra is the correct fit on the back. Adjust your braces properly so you don’t have problems with shoulder pain.

High heels

We all know how feminine and sexy heels are. However, using them for long hours is not the wisest choice we can make.

It is known that high heels can cause several problems such as foot, lower back and back pain, calluses, strain on the Achilles tendon, bunions and more. Try to avoid them, therefore, in appearances that will last a long time.

I’m sure you’ve heard it again, walking in high heels is the worst thing for your feet. The reason is that the weight of the body falls forward, since you press on the toes and thus put force backwards and all this pressure affects the spine.

Unfortunately the results of this pressure can be seen after a while (cramps, pain in the legs and waist) but luckily there are also low heels – which are also very fashionable – to prefer them.

Oversized bags

Yes yes, I know we here have told you how big the trend is for oversized bags in 2022. However, that doesn’t mean you have to load them up with unnecessary items. The extra weight will cause pain in your shoulders and back. Choose your favorite oversized bag, but don’t overload it.

Yes, the bigger the bag, the more stuff it can hold. But because you usually hold these bags on your side, stress is put on the muscles causing them to be unbalanced (for example, one shoulder being higher than the other).

But there are worse: The heavy bag can cause pain in the neck, shoulders and spine.

The solution: a few days a week leave the big bag and prefer a small, light purse.

Flip flops

It’s summer and the use of flip flops as a staple shoe is almost universal. It is an easy shoe and suits the relaxed mood we have at the moment. However, there are several reasons not to wear flip-flops every day and for long hours.

Stylistically it is something that all fashion connoisseurs hate. Beyond that, however, flip-flops don’t offer your foot the support and stability it needs. They are flat, not anatomically designed, do not absorb shocks and cause many injuries.

These are the most basic stylistic mistakes that we all make that harm our health. It would be good, therefore, to try to limit them.

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Blanket Scarf Outfits

In situation you have not listened to, the blanket scarf is the IT thing of the season. The larger, the far better. Go large, or go home. I have commonly admitted my love/hate partnership with scarfs(gynaikeia rouxa). I like them on everyone else, but not so much on myself. I’ve decided it is time to make peace with the scarf since it is such an enjoyable and also affordable fashion accessory, as well as exactly how can you not love having a justification to involve a covering on those cold wintertime days !?!

Plaid Blanket Scarf

A tartan or plaid covering scarf can make a fantastic statement accessory. Perfect for fall, these large examined scarfs look elegant in a range of tones. For an unmissable pop of colour, try adhering to Susie Bubble’s lead and also going with a traditional red layout. Or if you want something a bit more subtle, take your cues from Cara Delevingne and rock a brown choice rather. Regardless of which you select, keep in mind to keep the rest of your look somewhat subdued to stay clear of clashing with your patterned scarf.

Black Blanket Scarf

If you’re feeling a little uncertain regarding shaking the blanket scarf pattern, consider relieving into it with a neutral colour like black. Unlike intense, vibrant and also patterned designs, a simple black covering headscarf can collaborate with almost any outfit. A genuine winter season staple, these scarfs look superb with pants, trousers, tights and even sweatpants. For a specifically stylish appearance, network Jessica Alba and also Vanessa Hudgens by coupling a black covering scarf with ripped denims, a lengthy layer and also a woollen fedora.


Grey Blanket Scarf

Like black layouts, grey covering scarves can look great with a selection of clothing. However, they can appear especially stylish when put on tonally with black, white and also various other shades of grey. So, if you desire an ensemble that’s very little in colour yet optimum stylishly, attempt a head-to-toe greyscale appearance. For an A-lister authorized outfit, rock a grey blanket scarf, freely twisted around your neck, with black slim pants, ankle boots and a long-sleeve T-shirt.

Red Blanket scarf

For a trendy and fashion-forward look, a red covering scarf can make an excellent option. As strong as it is cosy, this type of headscarf can create a statement without forcing you to compromise convenience. While you can conveniently couple it with an all-black look, do not be afraid to get a little imaginative. Teaming your red scarf with more red, a contrasting brilliant blue or perhaps a striking multi-coloured print can cause a seriously outstanding outfit.

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Wearing Animal Print Dresses Like a Fashion Expert

From snakeskin prints to giraffe as well as leopard prints, animal patterns have always been thought about rather ugly for wearing regardless of the big dosage of luxury they emit. They were proudly introduced to haute couture thanks to Christian Dior back in 1947, that developed a variety of fascinating animal print accessories for his muse Mitzah Bricard, breaking the standards as well as working as ideas for numerous.

Later in the ’60s and the ’80s, leopard prints were the staple of rock stars, while in this day and also age they have actually taken care of to come to be wardrobe classics for any type of fashionista. Love it or dislike it, at some point in your life you have or are most likely to buy a dress, pair of shoes or accessory with animal prints from a well known Fashion Brand.

Animal prints can benefit almost any celebration! In this design guide, I’ll assist you find out exactly how to make animal print clothing work for every occasion, from the most laid-back to the fancy. If you’re a beginner I’ll aid you introduce animal prints right into your wardrobe as easy accessories, and also if you’re a fashionista, I can offer you advice on exactly how to damage all the policies and also stand apart.

Leopard Prints Outfits Suggestions

Always make sure your animal prints are enhancing better fabrics. Animal print clothing has an unfortunate track record for being cheap or low-class, so by choosing a premium fabric you make certain everything is elevated.

If you are brand-new to putting on animal print clothing, make certain that the animal print is the focal point of your attire, which otherwise you are wearing soft solids or a monochrome look. If you are a lot more adventurous, you’ll more than happy to recognize that this is in fact the season when you are likewise permitted to damage every one of these rules!

Animal Print Accessories for Every Occasion

If you’re not all set to delve into the deep end of putting on animal prints, you can definitely take into consideration dipping your toes in with understated accessories. You can interject the pattern into your wardrobe with classic aspects that will keep your look fun and intriguing.

The fantastic aspect of animal print accessories is that they can work for every occasion, and you can style them in a different way from day to evening.

  • An animal print bag is among the most effective means of including this design to your life. You can constantly really feel safe including the bag to a monochrome attire, with an all-black wardrobe being the safest of choices. Snake, cow, giraffe as well as leopard prints can likewise look highly stylish with planet tones, nudes, and reds. Zebra print bags can function wonderfully with brighter tones and also colour-blocked appearances.
  • Flat footwear covered with animal prints are a wonderful method of including some fun to a daytime informal or workplace look. For posh everyday styles, put on animal print apartments with cut-off shorts or with a pair of sweetheart jeans and also a vibrant top that doesn’t have a busy print. If you’re styling for the workplace, the animal print footwear must be the emphasis point, with an or else neutral-coloured pant or skirt suit.
  • High heel footwear with animal prints are great for going out! If you are a little hesitant, definitely stay with black or earth toned outfits with your animal print footwear. Do not hesitate to trying out size, since while a brief dress could appear extra apparent, matching a long, flowy dress with leopard print heels can create a very fun as well as one-of-a-kind look.
  • On the other hand, if you’re feeling more bold, take into consideration opting for a mixed appearance by choosing an outfit with an extra graphic or geometrical print as a comparison to your animal print shoes.
  • For the subtlest of refined takes on animal prints, attempt an animal print headscarf or sunglasses structure to enhance your outfit.

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Street style ft. Bhane with a fashion bag or not

Well, how long is too long? I recently asked myself this question about my MIA from my blog and that made me realize how I suddenly grew up, got a real job. And have been kicking my ass keeping up with it. I have been working like a maniac, spending my weekends in office like it’s nobody’s business and I felt satisfied until I realized my OOTD’s in office were soon becoming my content for my Instagram, and TBH, I DIDN’T KNOW HOW MUCH I LIKED THAT.

I was furious when someone said this to me “Have you given up on blogging?”, “Do you now want to become a video star?”, and zillion other accusations that actually made me realize how I was so busy working my ass off and became completely ignorant towards my blog, you guys and fashion.

But as they say it’s better late than never, so here I am bringing to you the best of the best street style brand that we have in India. It’s affordable, yet extremely classy. If you are into comfortable clothing just like me, then this one is for you.

Bhane, the love of Sonam Kapoor (oops), I mean her love towards this brand is unbreakable. And she has all the right reasons to love it. Speaking about the two looks I chose for the blog are the most comfortable tops and bottom I have stepped into. Choose a pick!

Also you can combine them with a fashion bag from 4bag, they send bags all over Europe and they have their own bags too!


A simple white over-sized shirt is the cure to literally everything in the world. Over sized everything has been the trend and it will continue to do that, and I am so glad about it. Street style is basically mix and matching and pulling off everything according to your comfort and slaying. Everyone has an eye for street style and it depends on how you would want to flaunt. For me, a white shirt + distressed jeans and a pair of blocks is my way of doing street style.

LOOK 2 : Tones of BLUE!

Most days I want to be as free as a bird. Not restrict my thunder thighs to breathe in a skinny jeans, so I choose culottes. I know a lot of people aren’t so fond of them but I wonder why? They LITERALLY are the best thing to wear when I’m chumming or actually otherwise. Also lately I have developed a fondness towards easy dressing and not crisp. I’dd rather look a homeless wreck yet ready to hit the runway than a prada babe. Have a look at the outfit and tell me you won’t choose a homeless wreck too ?

See more in our blog.

I promise to get you guys more surprising and amazing brands you will get to go through with me,
until then,

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