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6 Common mistakes tourist do in Santorini

Travel in Greece can be amongst one of the most fulfilling experiences you’ll ever before attempt. But lots of visitors make usual mistakes that can be avoided. Book a Santorini car rental to make the most of your experience on the island.

The picture over originates from Santorini and also is among the most famous scenes in all of Greece. The turquoise-topped churches and the whitewashed houses are striking. You shouldn’t miss your chance to spend and also take images in such locations.

Take treatment not to bamboozle on your own by just examining off a couple of renowned spots like this one and also probably the Acropolis in Athens. Add worth to your trip by visiting lesser-known islands where you can observe the silent everyday presence of Greeks.

1. Concentrate on convenient restaurants and hotels

You’ll see welcoming outdoor cafes and centrally located hotels in most known places. Sometimes it makes sense to patronize them. Other times, you may get even more worth elsewhere.

Locate a few English-speaking citizens and also inquire for their preferred places to take pleasure in lunch or supper. Check Tripadvisor or ask about places the locals go to. You’ll get a far better check out every day life and normally better values for your money.

The same can be done for hotels in Santorini, although this approach doesn’t constantly turn out on islands with restricted tourist facilities. However there are areas where an extremely short bus flight from the hubbub can land you in a moderately valued hotel that can end up being a refuge from the traveller crisis. It’s worth investigating.

2. Mishandle Athens on Your Itinerary

Some techniques to plan time in Athens are rather extreme. For a few, the concept is to invest little or no time in the capital. They’ve been informed the air is polluted, the people are discourteous and the attractions are crowded.

On the other hand, site visitors could end up investing the majority of their time in Greece right here, missing out on the lovely islands as well as the historic prizes of the mountains and also old cities close by. Don’t sway to either extreme. Give Athens its due and price cut some of the adverse remarks. Don’t spend the mass of your time in Athens if there are chances to experience other more relaxing places in Santorini.

3. Expect to see Santorini from a cruise ship

Cruising can be a really cost-effective means to encounter Greece, specifically for first-time visitors. The cost of transport in between islands is paid before you leave home, and cruise liner schedules are relatively reliable, however that reputable schedule will certainly produce trade-offs.

Opportunities are good you’ll be let down if you want to see the sunset from Santorini. The allocated five-hour stopover probably finishes well prior to sunset. You’ll be restricted to hrs in settings where you ‘d rather spend days or perhaps weeks.

If you do intend to see Santorini as part of a cruise ship, comprehend that you’ll only be getting a short introduction to places you will certainly wish to review in years to find. To do or else sets up a spending plan traveller for disappointment.

4. Shying Away From Ferry Services

There are ferryboat services that run between Santorini and Athens. Some of the routes are served with several ferries a day, while going to the smaller islands may just be set up a couple of times weekly. The timetables can be confusing, and there is typically a language obstacle to overpass. A few people fear they’ll obtain nauseous aboard a tiny vessel.

Island jumping in Greece can be a fulfilling travel experience. For example, scheduling an overnight sailing to among the islands can save you the cost of a resort and also include hrs to your day-to-day sees. Rent a car in Santorini and see all the places you see in postcards.

Understand that merely scheduling a ferry flow does not necessarily entitle you to a location to rest or even sit. Ask concerns at the time of scheduling regarding seating or berths. Sometimes, those berths and also the additional comfort they provide can be a valuable financial investment.

5. Arranging Tight Itineraries

Some buses are late, while others take too long. Car drivers have little patience for those asking questions and also they scream and gesture to express that dismay.

It’s vital to anticipate cancellations and hold-ups, particularly in the off-season. There are occasionally demos or strikes that crop up swiftly and terminate a bus or ferryboat that had actually been reported as “on time” just a short time earlier.

Cautious planning for a journey to Santorini is necessary. Allow a lot of time to catch buses, air planes, and ferryboats, or you could be stuck to extra costs.

6. Fail with taxi drivers

Driving a taxi in Greece isn’t the most satisfying of careers. One typical trouble visitors encounter in Santorini is not having sufficient tiny bills and also change to make payments.

There have been records of travelling rip-offs involving cab drivers that are also common in various other parts of the globe. One common ploy is to declare that the passenger’s chosen destination is far away and you will have to pay a lot of money.

Instead, rent a Santorini car at the airport or at the port and make your own daily plan to wherever you want to go.

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A Tour to The Atmospheric Village of Pyrgos

Of all the towns of Santorini, Pyrgos lacks a doubt the most excellent. An alluring mix of middle ages architecture with the one-of-a-kind personality of the Cycladic islands caused the initial resources of Santorini. Take a Santorini daily tour and make the most of your stay there. The imposing Pyrgos, a place that travels you back to far-off centuries with its antique appeal. Set down on the greatest height of Santorini overlooking the whole island, Pyrgos stands to this day honoured as well as apparently untouched by the passage of time.

As you approach the village of Pyrgos, you can quickly recognize why it was the island’s resources. Its place in addition to the hill is a perspective, with clear and far sights to the sea. Its habitants would certainly have ample warning in case of a pirate strike. From a more detailed look, you obtain even more detail on the fortification of the negotiation. The houses were constructed side-by-side, their outer walls serving as the impervious barrier that kept invaders away. The streets are narrow, adding to the mystifying allure of the town, and a stroll in Pyrgos is a fascinating experience to state the least.

Discover the hidden beauty of Pyrgos with a Santorini private tour


Pyrgos has several surprises hidden within its thick and strong wall surfaces. Wonderful little dining establishments that commend the unique produce of the volcanic land of Santorini. Enchanting manors welcoming you to spend loosening up moments. Enchanting middle ages chapels and also structures, each with a tale of its very own. The churches of Theotokaki, Agia Theodosia and Agia Triada are the most essential ones. They hold stunning frescoes and icons, whereas the adjoining Monastery of Profitis Ilias offers breath-taking panoramic views to the entire island.

Adhere to the path that takes up to the greatest peak of Santorini and really feel the centuries circulation backwards. To a timeless, enchanting time of pirates and aristocrats! Although several points have actually transformed on this magnificent island. However, the sensation of medieval splendour are still the same. You will feel them as quickly as you set your gaze to the unique town of Pyrgos.

Vlychada, Santorini’s Most Amazing Beach


Santorini Island might not be well-known for sandy, exotic beaches like a lot of the various other islands of the Aegean Sea. As a matter of fact, Santorini’s beaches are mostly small, rough and also seemingly unwelcoming. But once you look past this first impression, you will be startled by their unusual elegance and also covert beauties.

The beaches of Santorini were created by the tough power of lava as well as the enormous volcanic eruption of 1600 BC. They are harsh and also tough, but they present a multitude of colour and shapes that make them absolutely one-of-a-kind. The beach of Vlychada is among those beaches. For many it is the most remarkable beach in Santorini!

The very first time you take a look at Vlychada takes your breath away. A slim stretch of black as well as grey stones lies under the shadow of a cliff. Carved by the artistic power of the sea, the sand and the wind leading to an almost lunar landscapes. This coastline stands for truth character of Santorini’s coastline… rough and merely distinctive.

Why you should visit Vlychada beach?

Vlychada is rather remote, and hardly organized, with just a couple of sunbeds and umbrellas. A couple of snack bars and tavernas found at the beginning of the beach, whereas in the direction of its end it is left entirely all-natural. Those who love seclusion and serenity will immediately fall in love with the mystifying atmosphere of Vlychada, one of the most fantastic beaches of Santorini.

Including in its otherworldly charm, an old tomato canning factory stands right by the beach. Blending remarkably with the scenery in an eerie, entrancing manner. Today, this factory has actually been remodelled right into a cultural centre.

Vlychada Beach is located on the southern side of Santorini, at the end of Perivolos beach. You can also reach it from Agios Georgios or from the road leaving Megalochori in the direction of Emporeio.

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