3 ways to deal with a clogged drain

How is a main sewer line getting clogged according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς? Well, there are several possible causes of blockages which we will see in our article.

In short a blockage, a blockage can form from oils, hair and other debris that stick together and block the pipe. This is why it is so important not to pour oils, food and grease down the kitchen sink or flush anything down the toilet.

Other causes of a blocked sewer line include tree roots from neighboring trees that have found a food source and then grow into the pipe.

When your main sewer line gets blocked, it’s not a situation you want to ignore. If not fixed quickly, the sewage will make its way into your home with foul smell, huge mess and even potential health hazards.

Services for the correction of the main sewer line

Fixing your main sewer line and general drain blockage is not a do-it-yourself job unfortunately. It’s not DIY. A professional plumber or specialist blockage company should come to your premises to check the situation and suggest the best way to repair or replace the pipe. Here are three types of services that may be needed:

A. Camera sewer inspection

Because the main sewer pipe is underground, it’s hard to access and see what’s really going on. That’s where a camera drain diagnosis can be valuable. A probe with a small camera is sent through the sewer line until it reaches the blockage.

This will tell the plumber where the blockages are and what problems they are causing. Camera pipe inspection also gives us valuable information that can guide his recommendation on the most effective, least expensive method to fix the problem.

Unclogging cameras are a tool that makes the process of an obstruction much easier. When a drain clogs up too often and you can’t find the reason why, then the ideal solution is camera unclogging. Thus, there is no need to dig many meters or break walls, tiles and floors, nor to remove pipes.

Thanks to these cameras, we will be able to locate the exact point of the problem. All the clog cameras we use have a special positioning system for each drain problem. This means they immediately lead us straight to the source of the problem so we can focus directly on fixing it.

With the obstruction cameras we detect leaks, corrosion, cracks, perforations as well as objects such as roots, branches and any accumulations of grease. Also, maybe a ring that you thought you had lost will be found on her way.

B. Disconnecting the main drain

If the pipe is in good condition and only has an internal blockage, then the unblocking company may be able to unblock it without replacing the pipe which requires excavating your property. A special grade drill is sent through the main sewer line. The auger head can break the blockage to open the pipe flow.

C. Branch line blockage

Sometimes it may not be a general line blockage and the blockage may not be in the center line of the basement sewer but in a pipe through a toilet, tub or sink.

In this case, the unclogging company can use special flexible tools to break up the blockage in the branch line. This is usually an easier and less expensive method of determining a backup sewer line.

Once you notice signs like multiple drains clogging at the same time, toilets not flushing as they should, or bubbles coming out of the drains, it’s time to call a reliable occlusion company.

Ways to remove sewage and clean drains

Clogging of drains, failure to observe waste safety is the most common cause of sewage overflow in the home. When drain pipes become blocked, sewage can overflow from municipal and domestic drains into your home through your plumbing system.

Not only can this cause significant damage to property, sewage contains many disease-causing bacteria that are dangerous to your health. For these reasons, it is imperative to have your drain serviced at regular intervals by a certified clogging company.

Sewage and sludge damage is treated by professionals quickly, removing sewage, protecting people and property, immediately removing potentially harmful contaminants and restoring the environment to a dry state.

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