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A Tour to The Atmospheric Village of Pyrgos

Of all the towns of Santorini, Pyrgos lacks a doubt the most excellent. An alluring mix of middle ages architecture with the one-of-a-kind personality of the Cycladic islands caused the initial resources of Santorini. Take a Santorini daily tour and make the most of your stay there. The imposing Pyrgos, a place that travels you back to far-off centuries with its antique appeal. Set down on the greatest height of Santorini overlooking the whole island, Pyrgos stands to this day honoured as well as apparently untouched by the passage of time.

As you approach the village of Pyrgos, you can quickly recognize why it was the island’s resources. Its place in addition to the hill is a perspective, with clear and far sights to the sea. Its habitants would certainly have ample warning in case of a pirate strike. From a more detailed look, you obtain even more detail on the fortification of the negotiation. The houses were constructed side-by-side, their outer walls serving as the impervious barrier that kept invaders away. The streets are narrow, adding to the mystifying allure of the town, and a stroll in Pyrgos is a fascinating experience to state the least.

Discover the hidden beauty of Pyrgos with a Santorini private tour


Pyrgos has several surprises hidden within its thick and strong wall surfaces. Wonderful little dining establishments that commend the unique produce of the volcanic land of Santorini. Enchanting manors welcoming you to spend loosening up moments. Enchanting middle ages chapels and also structures, each with a tale of its very own. The churches of Theotokaki, Agia Theodosia and Agia Triada are the most essential ones. They hold stunning frescoes and icons, whereas the adjoining Monastery of Profitis Ilias offers breath-taking panoramic views to the entire island.

Adhere to the path that takes up to the greatest peak of Santorini and really feel the centuries circulation backwards. To a timeless, enchanting time of pirates and aristocrats! Although several points have actually transformed on this magnificent island. However, the sensation of medieval splendour are still the same. You will feel them as quickly as you set your gaze to the unique town of Pyrgos.

Vlychada, Santorini’s Most Amazing Beach


Santorini Island might not be well-known for sandy, exotic beaches like a lot of the various other islands of the Aegean Sea. As a matter of fact, Santorini’s beaches are mostly small, rough and also seemingly unwelcoming. But once you look past this first impression, you will be startled by their unusual elegance and also covert beauties.

The beaches of Santorini were created by the tough power of lava as well as the enormous volcanic eruption of 1600 BC. They are harsh and also tough, but they present a multitude of colour and shapes that make them absolutely one-of-a-kind. The beach of Vlychada is among those beaches. For many it is the most remarkable beach in Santorini!

The very first time you take a look at Vlychada takes your breath away. A slim stretch of black as well as grey stones lies under the shadow of a cliff. Carved by the artistic power of the sea, the sand and the wind leading to an almost lunar landscapes. This coastline stands for truth character of Santorini’s coastline… rough and merely distinctive.

Why you should visit Vlychada beach?

Vlychada is rather remote, and hardly organized, with just a couple of sunbeds and umbrellas. A couple of snack bars and tavernas found at the beginning of the beach, whereas in the direction of its end it is left entirely all-natural. Those who love seclusion and serenity will immediately fall in love with the mystifying atmosphere of Vlychada, one of the most fantastic beaches of Santorini.

Including in its otherworldly charm, an old tomato canning factory stands right by the beach. Blending remarkably with the scenery in an eerie, entrancing manner. Today, this factory has actually been remodelled right into a cultural centre.

Vlychada Beach is located on the southern side of Santorini, at the end of Perivolos beach. You can also reach it from Agios Georgios or from the road leaving Megalochori in the direction of Emporeio.

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